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Automatic binding machine binding operations
Mar 06, 2017

Automatic binding machines being prepared:
A, nylon tube inserted into the mouth before you binding.
B, connect to the 220V/50hz power, turn on the power switch, power led, about 6 minutes hot riveting.
C, the table moves back and forth to meet the size requirements of drilling with bound edges, press "down" to drill down, close to the paper, in time for the drill touch the paper to release the key, check the hole location is appropriate, location identified by table table lock PIN be fixed, and press the "reset" button to reset the bit up.
D, carefully check the drilling Department, avoid metal objects, and other foreign objects, binding document must be flat, so as not to damage the bit.
A drilling operation: set the binding file, move the left side of the operator panel "start" button, drill bits completes the hole and reset itself automatically.
Binding operations:
A, clear scraps in the drilling, so as not to damage the parts.
B, material from the mouth cut the nylon tube and insert in the drill.
Move bound to table c, the heating element on the right, electric operator panel to the right of "down" key, nylon tube hole alignment pin, after heating on body pressure onto the nylon tube, press the "riveting" button about 5 seconds later, the heater on automatically reset, binding complete.