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How to maintain and preserve paper cutting machine, using long
Mar 06, 2017

1, lubrication of worm gear box
This machine is made of oil-immersed lubrication with n320 turbine lubricating oil. Fuel capacity 3.5 litres, oil depth of reduction gear box oil filled as standard. When used for the first time, the machine about 10 days you should replace new oil, long time after continuous work. Replace once every 6 months, such as working 8 hours a day 10 months, reducer bearing greasing points, each running 20 days additional time. When the working environment of more than 45 degrees, cooling or reduced load on the gear reducer should be considered.
2, hydraulic oil
The machine working temperature 5-35 degrees, using oil temperature 10-65 degrees, regularly change the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil should be replaced after the first 200 hours of use. Once every half a year (season), hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank should be changes with ambient temperature and different viscosity of the hydraulic oil, plus oil change 200 mesh wire cloth filter must be used, note you must use the anti-wear hydraulic oils.