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Laminating machine failed self test
Mar 06, 2017

1, plastic effect is not fuzzy or viscose. Choice of temperature and thickness of the film is inconsistent. place thermostat according to the thickness of the film that corresponds to the scale until the green indicator light stops shining plastic glue back after.
2 have a wrinkled, plastic parts (wave) or bubble. No choice corresponds to the film temperature, lead to excessive temperature in the machine. Reduce temperature setting thermostat according to the thickness of the film in the scale that corresponds to the location, approximately 5-10 minutes in standby mode, and then plastic
3, green light shines, the machine does not heat. Heater has burnt out in the machine. You must contact the after-sales service center or a professional electrician to solve.
4: motor turning but not heating. Usually relay failure, can be judged by measuring both ends of the RL has no voltage 220V. If there is no voltage or voltage is too low, indicating relay is not poor suction or suction, relay k damage or contact ablation, you should replace the relay or remove sand on contact.
5, not constant. Because the thermistor is contact with the shaft surface, with the shaft friction over time would fall out, loose, or damaged should now be fixed back in place and good contact pressure. If damaged, replace thermistor.