Page maintenance and maintenance of equipment
Mar 06, 2017

1. strengthen the management and monitoring of mechanical equipment: equipment managers should understand that mastering the equipment performance according to performance advantages and enterprise resources allocation of scientific and rational maintenance plan and maintenance activities are managed and monitored to avoid unnecessary waste of money
2. strengthening of machinery and equipment managers, maintenance personnel, training: machine management technology not only to understand the principle of mechanical equipment, performance and structures but also to make sure the causes of trouble and able for the first time to carry out maintenance, troubleshooting, performance equipment into full play.
3. establish machinery and equipment repair and maintenance system: improving statistics, and strengthening equipment management role for machinery and equipment in, out, equipment operation, performance and so on, should be recorded in detail.
4. strengthening daily inspection: should arrange for professionals to carry out regular inspections and detailed records, including the running time of the device, operation, maintenance times, convenient judgments equipment faults and to promptly eliminate hidden troubles.

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