Using double coil binding machine post-press binding considerations
Mar 06, 2017

1, paper padding adjustment, the principle is: according to the circle diameter determines the size of the margin. By: by adjusting the screw (in a binding machine back) adjusting the scale to achieve the purpose of margin. Rules are: large diameter paper margins large enough to pull ring diameter is small, paper margins down.
2, drilling operations:
1. paper finish neatly close to locating block, parallel to the paper into the machine, put in place so far.
2. the left hand press the paper down, right hand holding the handle, press down the blade to penetrate the paper, lift the handle up.
3. smooth hands lay the paper out, such as hanging paper, repeat press the handle down, then place on paper can be taken out.
3, ring binding method:
According to the paper, select the size of circles with different specifications, from push to pull up the handle slowly open, and insert the paper hole circle, pull back the handle slowly, pulling teeth the entire paper hole, pulled the handle in place, tighten the ring, bound book is packed.

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