Working principle of coil forming machine features
Mar 06, 2017

Coil forming machine spring machine, wire hardness requirements is not high, one machine can produce coil specifications, automatically cut off, count, operation is very convenient coil forming machine suitable for notebooks, exercise books, calendars and calendar of loose-leaf binding. This can be done by replacing the spindle diameter variety of single coil, this machine is ideal for high wear.
1, binding speed adjustable, forming without damaging the surface.
2, when the single coil to staple length, the machine automatically, automatic, automatic, automatic hooking, automatic book collection.
3, imported from Japan PLC (programmable logic controller) control. Only need to replace the stencil to the same pitch coil with different specifications.
4, mechanical design, stable.
5 working speed up to 500 teeth/min, can produce a 1/4-1 dual-coil, mould specification can be replaced, you can use ordinary nylon coated thread.
6, double coil forming machine for binding coil pair of mass-produced, widely used in Notepad, so calendars and other printed matter binding coil production.

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