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Automatic Binding Machine Description And Features
Mar 06, 2017

1. intelligent automatic binding machine press "start key" drilling binding once completed.
2. binding paper maximum thickness of no more than 70mm (only Huijin ZD-70A 70mm automatic binding can be realized on the market), no adjustment is required.
3. drill head high and low through the holes of "up" and "down" keys to control, easy to find the binding location.
4. the binding contains function, voice prompts will be timely if the failure occurred fault and the solution and indicator lamp flashes.
5. binding tube is made from ultra strong polymer materials imported, patience, and no aging, no pollution, is a green product, guarantee of permanent preservation.
6. a dual-purpose, without binding machine, can also be used for drilling.
7. rubber pad can be auto-rotation, user-friendly.
8, intelligent automatic binding machine, with automatic discharge residual function.

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