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Binding Quality Of The Tender Should Pay Attention To What Issues
Mar 06, 2017

1. binding bids if there are off-page, spine edge if there is "size". This occurs because the adhesive cementing of the finished product is not uniform.
2. the spine side are there wrinkles is affected. This happens because when binding, adjust the incorrect pressure.
3. whether the front and back covers of the tender marked indentation. In the process of cutting, cutting the opportunity to pressure equipment, if not some media to pad, front and back covers may cause local compression.
4. binding bids are trimmed neatly, trim angle is correct. Three cutting edges are uniform, a knife, appears inclined variants, home and end size differences. B is the product whether a qualified Cabinet, instead of a ladder or other sides. Any of these problems, mainly cutting equipment of the quality and experience of the operator.

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