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Coil Forming And Binding Machine Equipment Features
Nov 26, 2018

1. The type of solid wire such as nylon covered wire or galvanized iron wire is a single coil (iron snake), which is bound to the book at the same time. 2. Different inner diameter coils can be replaced with different mold/gear bars to complete forming and binding. 3. The coil forming and book binding are completed synchronously, with high efficiency and convenience. 4. After the coil is bound to the book, both ends can be automatically cut and automatically closed. 5. After the book is bound, the book will be automatically dropped to the book, and the book will be collected automatically. The operator only needs to put the book in the fixed position. 6. Up to 3 seconds per copy. 7. This machine is widely used in notebooks, practicing xi thin, calendar, desk calendar and other loose-leaf binding. This machine is capable of automatic molding, automatic reading, automatic closing, automatic book collection, and is an ideal wearable folding machine.

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