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Combination Bike Lock How To Install
May 16, 2017

 Combination Bike Lock With the popularity of the password lock, the bike also used the exclusive password lock - bike lock. Life will inevitably forget the East West, it will inevitably appear to forget the bike password lock situation. Bicycle password lock forget the password how to do? How do I change my password? How do I install a bike lock? Xiaobian below for you one by one.

【Bicycle password lock】 how to change the password password how to install the bike password lock

 Bicycle password lock forget the password how to do

  Combination Bike Lock A lot of places to prohibit the parked bike or inconvenient to park the bike when we will set the password for the bike password lock, but many times are hurry to set up one, things ready to go when suddenly forgot how to unlock, we then how to do it?

Method one: Slowly click on the number of numbers, dial the most tight wheels, serious feeling every time the strength, there must be something that is relatively loose to find a pair, the other is to listen to the sound, the sound is relatively small Listen carefully, the correct number will be issued "da" sound.

  Combination Bike Lock Method two: the lock of the end of the socket with a tool to open (mainly do not all crossed, get good after the glue can be used to stick), the lock will be pulled out after the four-digit bike are chaotic, then you only Need to lock the structure installed on the line. The most difficult to install the lock slot is the U-shaped iron plate must be stuck in the lock on the lock on the card slot, all installed began to tune the number, and flashlight on the lock hole, start one by one The number of groups, a group of groups of tune, transferred to the inside of a row of groove into the concave, the lock can be inserted into the success, this time the corresponding number is now the password.