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Commonly Used Methods Are 6
Mar 06, 2017

(1) the saddle. page 2 wire rely solely the nail, easy-to-se, fastness. set 6 sheets for the following publications.
(2) stitching. pages because of wire corrosion loose and is now using less. Furthermore, stitching required width of the mouth so that pages can only be "not fully open" forms, books too thick are not easy to read, generally applies to 400 pages of books.
(3) sewing. also called thread-stitching, while the book comparison, but since there are more on the back line, resulting in poor flatness.
(4) wireless adhesive set. back also called gum, adhesive binding. due to its flatness is very good, at present, a large number of books and magazine articles have such mode of binding. but because of the quality of hot-melt Adhesive does not have a corresponding industry standards or national standards, usage is not standard, so the adhesive quality of the books has not yet reached a satisfactory level.
(5) sewing back. also known as sewing adhesive, individual books sewing in bookbinding glue, glue no longer milling back. this binding method book is strong and smooth, is currently using this method is more books.
(6) plastic line hot set. This is an advanced method of binding, it features book 2 times in the book bond, bonding for the first time the plastic line is the role of foot and book paper glue, in the book's pages can be fixed;