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Double Coil Binding Machine Features
Dec 07, 2018

The double-coil binding machine is widely used for loose-leaf binding of notebooks, photo albums, desk calendars, etc., and uses a coiled double coil as a binding material. In addition to manually completing the sub-piercing operation, the process of retracting, counting, cutting, feeding, pressing, and outputting can be automatically completed to reduce the operation and reduce the labor intensity. PCL centralized control, process parameter transformation can be completed in the operation interface. The double-coil punching and binding integrated machine is suitable for medium and large-volume processing of double-coil binding printed materials such as desk calendars, calendars, coil books, and circled books. The equipment integrates multiple processes such as automatic layering punching, coil cutting and pressing, and finished product collection. It also has optional functions such as assembly page, wearing calendar hook and cover special punching machine to further improve the degree of binding automation and provide binding efficiency. 

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