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Double Loop Wire Binding The Choice And Distinction
May 16, 2017

  Double Loop Wire Binding Our most common double coil binding is the binding of the notebook, the benefits of this binding is not only beautiful and very convenient for writing the notebook, then what is the benefit of binding double coil, in the choice of need to pay attention to what?

Double coil is a pre-set size and specifications of the two steel coil, the common material is divided into two kinds of spray steel ring and plastic coil. Usually in the print on the left or above the hole or square hole, YO double coil through the use of YO ring binding machine compression fixed after the completion of the entire binding process.

  Double Loop Wire Binding In the choice of coil, the need to pay attention to its quality, and some coil because the surface of the plastic layer is not strong enough to cause binding when the cracks. The coil is too thin will appear binding is not strong and so on. After the coil is locked, the page can no longer be added unless the coil is removed. Double coil binding costs higher than the single coil, of course, the binding effect is better and more durable. The use of double-coil binding album, reading to be able to completely complete any one page, very easy to read and query. Books with a thickness of less than 30mm, such as tool books, technical manuals, recipes (recipes), VIS manuals and building charts, are the most suitable for this binding.

The benefits of binding the double coil is very obvious, not only the binding fast and effective, but also very convenient to use, more and more print manufacturers choose to install double coil.

  Double Loop Wire Binding Binding double coil material is divided into two kinds of spray and nylon package (spray also called paint).

First, the nylon coated plastic material is a special process by the steel outside the package is a very thin layer of nylon, and then through the double coil forming machine direct molding shipments.

  Double Loop Wire Binding Advantages: environmental protection height of the standard; good strength of steel wire toughness; less process; fast delivery; can save strong; relatively resistant to corrosion; smoothness more uniform; relatively low requirements on the operator can better guarantee the quality; Less; less labor to mechanical automation; do cutting can also do the package to meet the requirements of automatic binding machine.

Second, the spray is formed by the wire after the powder sprayed, after the high temperature powder attached to the wire made of.

Advantages: the same color gloss slightly better; more diversified color; the same specifications look slightly thicker in the plastic material.

Disadvantages: process more goods to do a long time; only apply to the environmental protection requirements of the group is not high; time for a long time easy to crack crack paint; the technical requirements of the process personnel; cost more labor; loss; Can be made to cut the paper can not be on the automatic binding machine.