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How Should The Double Coil Be Stored?
Dec 29, 2018

For some print manufacturers, the storage of the double coil used for printing is a very troublesome thing. If the storage conditions are not enough, it is easy to cause burst, discoloration, rust and the like. So how should the double coil be stored, especially how to deal with it when it rains.

In the summer, due to the heavy rain and the temperature, it is prone to oxidative rust. Therefore, it is hoped that the majority of users can better store and use the double coils, and avoid rust as much as possible. Regarding the double coil, it is necessary to specify that the surface of the double coil is adhered with a galvanized layer. If the galvanized layer is too thick, it will not meet the SGS environmental standard; but if it is too thin, it will easily oxidize with water molecules. Role, causing rust. Therefore, the external environment has a certain impact on the preservation of the double coil.

Regarding the storage environment of the double coil, please be sure that the problem of corrosion of the galvanized iron knot occurs only in areas with high humidity (more than 70%) plus high temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius). In addition, in the rainy season, it is necessary to pay attention to the air humidity of the workshop, warehouse, and printing departments. It is recommended to measure the paper value between 8-10 by the moisture detector. Generally, the book paper has a larger moisture absorption than the powder paper, and the pH value is also higher. Pay attention to the rusting of the wire inside the binding book.

Therefore, the storage environment of the double coil is very important, as long as attention to individual reasons can ensure the complete storage of the double coil.

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