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Iron Ring Binding Machines To Use
Mar 06, 2017

Adjustment adjust the slider first, hoops select slider under pressure again, choosing the right ring, put the paper in the feeder, adjust the location of holes, and then pull down the handle and punched. Playing hole finished Hou, will iron circle opening towards Shang hanging in iron circle hook Shang, then put good hole of text sets in iron hook Shang, again with took down, then finishing Xia, iron circle opening towards Shang put to clip this slot in, hook bent close pressure slot, then put pressure circle select sliding block set in 8 mm (corresponds to prior select good of iron circle size) of location, pulled Xia handles, makes iron circle closed Shang.
Hoops of iron ring binding machines, also known as dual-coil, coil binding machine is generally divided into iron and iron ring binding machines 2:1 (23 holes) and an iron ring binding machines 3:1 (34 holes) in two ways. 3:1 can be understood as A4 format (297) hit 34 or 33 holes on the iron ring binding machines, electric gold heavy iron ring binding machines professional heavy duty 3: iron ring binding machines. 3:1 iron ring binding machines stapling is more delicate, suitable for thin binding text, applies to General design, programming or small printing Centre 2:1 can be thought of as the A4 format (297), a 23 or 22 holes iron ring binding machines, iron ring binding machines 2:1-for binding thick documents.