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Manual Punching Machine With Automatic Drilling Machine Comparison
Mar 06, 2017

Compared with the traditional manual positioning drilling machine, automatic drilling machine using CCD camera positioning, positioning a faster, more accurate! High-precision positioning (deviation of ≤ ± 0.008mm) to ensure product quality, more in line with the demand of electronic products more accurate, the future direction for the development of high precision, using automatic positioning drilling machine can get you into a head start in the market! Positioning and punching speed is a manual machine from Bill, the speed can be 2-3 times, greatly saves time for the customer, saving people! So more and more enterprises to introduce shooting as a positioning hole processing of special equipment, replacing the traditional manual drilling, greatly improved product quality, reduce scrap, increase the market competitiveness of enterprises, is the secret weapon of many businesses close and unacknowledged.
Shooting was target of drilling equipment is known. Target hole, was first seen in the PCB printed circuit board lamination process. In recent years the need for orientation processing of positioning hole, everyone called the target hole. Due to target bit hole of processing precision directly effect products precision, and playing drone with positioning CCD Visual scan and computer control automatically on bit system, can will positioning hole processing precision stable of control in 0.008mm of range within, so increasingly more of enterprise introduced playing drone do for positioning hole processing of dedicated equipment, replaced traditional of artificial manual drilling, greatly improve has products of quality, reduced has scrap, improve has enterprise of market competitiveness, is many enterprise key and not vision of top-secret weapons.

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