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Method Of Loading Books With Thread Nails
Dec 05, 2018

Line-bound book method:

1. First clamp the book to be bound with a wooden board, and then use an awl to equip the eyes.

2. Use a long wire rope. Each end of the wire rope is recognized by a large needle for easy insertion. Then the rope is passed through the first eye and the ropes on both sides are equal.

3. The rope is bypassed from the top of the book, worn back by the original eye, and the other end is bypassed from the side of the book and worn back by the original eye.

4, then both ends into the same eye below, while bypassing the back from the side, and then down.

When paying attention to the eye, the first eye should be at the same distance from the top and side of the book. The same is true of the last eye. You can do it with a line of paper or a holed notebook.

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