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Nylon Double Loop Wire Binding What Are The Main Uses?
May 16, 2017

 Nylon Double Loop Wire Binding  We all know that nylon is also known as polyamide, its surface is relatively smooth, and the body is more tough, but also has good wear resistance, self-lubricating and low temperature type is also better.

    The quality of domestic equipment, grade significantly improved, drawing machine, strand rope, heat treatment furnace, coating production lines and other products have been the main production equipment to meet the domestic market demand, some equipment has been exported. Frequency control, electromechanical integration, heat treatment, energy saving, high-performance coating, environment-friendly surface cleaning and other advanced technology, as well as the market re-continuous operation lines are widely applied. However, since some of the structural adjustment, the nylon product is relatively high degree of crystallinity, water absorption is large, which leads to more difficult to bond, so before this must be a serious surface treatment, but also need to be dry, or moisture Will make the adhesive expansion or contraction, in the interface to produce internal stress, the sensitivity of the sticky aid to reduce the strength.

   Nylon Double Loop Wire Binding Nylon package plastic line product structure and technical equipment to further adjust and optimize after several years of development to high-quality steel rope, low relaxation prestressed steel wire rope, tire steel cord, senior spring wire as the representative of a number of high-end products, its Production scale, product quality, broaden the market, some or all of the alternative to imported products, and began to enter the international market.

   Nylon Double Loop Wire Binding YO double coil nylon wrapped plastic line features galvanized iron wire coating process made, the outer paint color bright, very thin and said. Center steel hard, long time without deformation. Regardless of appearance and durability of the general double coil. And raw materials, steel and coating powder are environmentally friendly materials. The use of imported high-quality carbon produced, easy to pressure round, binding easy. Applicable to binding books, desk calendar, calendars, loose-leaf notebooks, atlas, diaries, catalogs, food and other printed products. The company's high-quality binding YO double coil, YO circle, single coil, for notebooks, books, advertising books, Taiwan calendar and other binding into a book, YO double coil nylon package line production has the following characteristics:

    1.YO circle characteristics: nylon coating, surface gloss is good, strong adhesion, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-aging;

    2. Selection of a glue line manufacturing, solid light, quality and environmental protection is guaranteed;

    3. Material: Material non-toxic, harmless, in line with Europe and the United States "environmental safety" the latest standards, can provide the EU SGS certification;

    4. Rally: Rally strong, not easy to change, stable quality, low loss;

    5. Color selection, including a variety of fluorescent and flash pink, if the special requirements can be customized!

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