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Single Coil Forming Machine Principle
Dec 08, 2018

The coil forming machine is improved according to the spring machine, and the hardness of the wire is not high. One machine can produce multi-standard coils, which are automatically cut and counted, and the operation is very convenient. The coil forming machine is widely used in notebooks, xi thin, calendars and desk calendars. Loose-leaf binding. This machine can realize the molding of single coils of various diameters and various specifications by changing the forming mandrel. It is an ideal high-speed wearable machine. The single-coil punching and binding machine is suitable for medium and large-volume processing of double-coil binding printed materials such as desk calendars, calendars, coil books, and ring books. The equipment integrates multiple processes such as automatic layering punching, coil cutting and pressing, and finished product collection. It also has optional functions such as assembly page, wearing calendar hook and cover special punching machine to further improve the degree of binding automation and provide binding efficiency. .

There are many types of binding machines but they work similarly. In addition to the fully automatic binding machine, the general binding machine can be roughly divided into the following two steps. One step is to punch holes. The general binding machine has a scale on which the left and right positions can be adjusted. The back panel can adjust the front and rear margins. Generally, the adjustable margin is about 2.5CM. The manual machine can be adjusted by the knob on the back of the machine. The automatic machine passes. The two knobs on the side are adjusted, and the hole can be punched after the position is good.

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