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Technical Characteristics Of Stranding Machines
Mar 06, 2017

1, stranding machine maximum spindle speed of 3000rpm.
2, automatic tension control: when the strand, taking up from the bottom increasing the take-up tension is required to receive full, the automatic tracking function adjust the take-up tension; the whole uniform winding tension, also this machine without stopping to adjust the tension.
3, host for oil lubrication, natural circulation cooling, extend spindle bearing service life.
Systems using the new structure wire directly from the spindle wheel over the line to bow belt, lost due to a corner of the aluminum disk wheel failure caused by scratches and jump units.
4, machine equipped with three pressure device, ensure that the conductors twisted together after the roundness, reducing the loss of insulating materials.
5, machine by synchronous belt drive, no lubrication points in the machine, keep the machine clean, stranding no grease, adapted to various types of surface cleanliness requirements high line kind of conductors twisted together.
6, adjust the lay just replace a take the wheel, adjust the stranded only by flipping reversing lever, simple to operate, thereby reducing operator error rate and the intensity of work. Machine bearings are well-known brands from Japan, bows with the use of new materials, good flexibility, at high speeds to avoid vibrations caused by jumping unit, inverter, PLC, magnetic particle clutches, electromagnetic brakes, hydraulic jacks are imported brands, lower failure rates and maintenance costs.