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The Benefits Of Making A Coiled Book With A Nylon Covered Wire
Jan 11, 2019

The double-coil nylon rubberized wire is made of high-quality nylon rubberized iron wire. The color is bright and the gloss is good. The outer nylon color is bright and thin, and the shape is very thin. The center steel is hard and has not been deformed for a long time. It is far superior in appearance and durability. Generally double coils. Forming specifications, not easy to deform, not easy to blast. The appearance and durability are better than the average double coil.

As a coil book, the initial use is of course used to record related events, also as a homework. Just because he placed the writing, there will be no unevenness that will affect the writing. Because of its first use, it has also been widely used in companies and enterprises, so advertising has also appeared on environmental protection coils. The eco-friendly coil is also used as an advertising gift. The environmental protection coil is suitable for a large number of gifts to increase the effectiveness of advertising. Therefore, many companies at the exhibition have printed their own LOGO on their own coils, and achieved the purpose of advertising to further enhance the corporate image.

The coil made of nylon rubberized wire is practical and environmentally friendly, and is very suitable for use in formal occasions. Therefore, nylon rubberized wire is the first choice for print manufacturers.

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