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Transformer Winding Machine
Mar 06, 2017

1. foil-winding machine
Foil type winding machine and name foil around machine, main applies Yu transformer, non-Crystal transformer, related electrical of foil type coil of around business, foil type coil is to different of copper or aluminum for carrier, to broadband-like of insulation material for layer between insulation, in foil type winding machine Shang once completed around business, formed foil type coil, foil type coil shape can for round, rectangle,. Its structure and functions of more complex than conventional winding machines, tension control, photoelectric sensing auto deviation rectification, automatic welding, pressure decontamination technology, is widely used in the industry.
2. automatic winding machine
Automatic winding machine greatly reduces operator around the strength, we generally use CNC controller of automatic winding machine, high-end models by using PLC and precise servo-system in order to meet the needs of modern electrical, automatic winding machines faster and higher processing capacity are improved, supporting the use of wire tensioner, winding coils made of beautiful and neat.
3. vertical winding machine
For vertical winding machine everyone may not too common, it belongs to dedicated equipment, in large transformer in the high-tension line circle of around business General used vertical winding machine, also has low voltage spiral coil also used vertical winding machine, it of work principle and processing range and we common of parallel winding machine completely different, currently vertical winding machine further to large development, bearing capacity also in constantly improve, makes winding production reached a new of level.

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