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What Are The Advantages Of The Double Coil Binding Machine?
Dec 30, 2018

Common prints such as calendars, notebooks, etc. are beginning to adopt double-coil binding. Most of the bindings are bound by binding machines. Now many manufacturers also use automatic binding machines to bind double coils, then automatic binding machines. What are the advantages?

The take-up reel prevents the wire loop or ferrule and straightens the wire. The nylon covered wire or galvanized iron wire can be processed into a sawtooth type and sent to the second station through the conveyor. A counter is installed on the machine to count the output during the entire production process.

In the case of the same pitch, it is possible to easily change the inner diameter of the double coil after replacing some parts. The double coil can be wound from the 1/4" to 1-1/4" using the same winder, and the produced coiled double coil can smoothly match all the automatic binding machines on the market to achieve the speed of binding. Save labor. Nylon-coated rubber wire and wire can be perfectly matched on this machine.

In this way, the automatic binding machine still has a lot of benefits, not only saves labor costs but also the entire binding process in one go, fast and efficient, so it is very worthwhile for the majority of enterprises.

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