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What Materials Can Be Used To Bind Double Coils?
Jan 11, 2019

Nowadays, a kind of binding method is often seen in the printed matter, which is double-coil binding, which is very convenient to use, but non-professionals may not know what material it uses. What are the disadvantages of these materials, binding double coils Is it artificial?

In fact, the two-coil material is divided into two types: spray coating and nylon rubber. The spraying is formed by spraying a wire with a wire and then adhering the wire to the high temperature powder. The advantage is that the same color gloss is slightly better, the color is more diversified, and the same specifications look slightly thicker than the rubberized material. The shortcoming is that the process has a long time to make goods. It is only suitable for groups with low environmental protection requirements. It is easy to crack and explode paint for a long time. The technical requirements of each process personnel are high, the labor is much more, the loss is more, and the steel wire is not as strong. , can only be made into a clip can not be on the automatic binding machine.

The nylon encapsulation material is made of steel wire which is coated with a very thin layer of nylon through a special process, and then directly formed and shipped through a double coil forming machine. The advantage is that the environmental protection height is up to standard; the steel wire has high strength and toughness; the process is small; the shipment is fast; the storage is strong; the corrosion resistance is relatively smooth; the smoothness is more uniform; the lower the operator requirements, the better the quality can be guaranteed; Less; labor is less mechanically automated; can be done with shear strips or packages to meet the requirements of automatic binding machines.

It seems that two different double-coil binding materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and different degrees of manual binding are used. Relatively speaking, the nylon-clad material has some advantages.

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