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Winding Machine Maintenance And Repair
Mar 06, 2017

1. clean the wound-cleaning machine. Clearing the winder motor external dust and sludge in a timely manner. Use more environmental dust, cleaned once a day.
2. check research and cleaning wipe the reel Terminal. Check the wiring box wiring screw is loose, burned.
3. check the fixing part screw, including foot screw, end cap screws, bearing cap bolts. Tighten the loose nut.
4. check the drive. Yian Cha pulleys or couplings for any cracked, damaged, installing is solid; belt and connect buckle is intact.
5. winding machine boot device, but also timely cleaning wipe external dust and dirt, wipe the contacts, check whether the wiring parts have burn marks, the grounding line is good.
6. inspection and maintenance of bearings. Bearings in use for some time to be cleaned, replace the grease or lubricating oil. Time for cleaning and oil change, with winding machine working conditions, working environment, cleanliness, lubricant types may be. Every 3-6 months, should be cleaned, replace and grease. When the oil temperature is high, or environmental conditions are poor, dusty winding machine regular cleaning, oil change. Cleaning of rolling bearings, replace grease method mentioned earlier, will not be repeated here.
7. inspection of the insulation. Insulation insulation due to dryness varies, so it is very important to keep the motor winding drying. Winding machine working environment factors such as humidity, corrosive gases in their workplaces, are destructive to electrical insulation. Most common winding grounding fault, namely insulation damage, so live and touch the metal part of the chassis and not be charged, such a fault should arise, not only affects the winding machine working properly, could endanger personal safety. Winding machines in use, you should always check the insulation resistance, but also watch winder case grounding is reliable.

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