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Wire Winding Machine Control System Common Breakdown And Processing
Mar 06, 2017

1. the device does not start
This type of troubleshooting parts damaged may, is generally due to the wire winding machine operating parameters setting errors caused by, common winding turns and speed is mistakenly set to 0, these winding parameters are directly related to the normal operation of the equipment shall be set before starting the device check to prevent a data set.
2. in normal operation sudden stop
There was a similar failure, investigation focuses on cable winder spindle drive and the drive works, troubleshoot hardware, should check the winding key in the parameter set speed set too high, diameter parameter setting is wrong, automatic winding width is consistent with the framework requirements.
3. incidental control system alarm
During the day-to-day operation of wire winding machines, due to long periods of data accumulation and high levels of running, are winding equipment led to some occasional alarm, for this type of alarm should be timely processing methods in the control winding machine instructions to be excluded.