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  • Calendar Hanger Hooks

    Calendar hanger also named as calendar hook, used for Binding material for notebooks, books, wall and table calendars, albums etc. Our calendar hanger meet REACH and ROHS environmental standards with high quality and competitve price. The length can be customized from 3" to 19".
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  • DWC-520A Double Wire Binding Machine for Calendar

    DWC-520A Double Wire Binding Machine Advantages: 1.Working Speed up to 1300-1600 books per hour 2.Convenient debugging 3.Touch screen and automatic error reminder 4.Skip-bindings at one time are available, up to 6 skip binding per time 5.Automatic hanger binding...
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  • Calendar Hanger Forming Machine

    Calendar Hanger Forming Machine Advantages: 1.Automatic safety sensor 2.Different style of calendar hanger design 3.Precise cutting length 4.Pay-off stand can hold the weight of max. 500kgs 5.2.0 wire & 2.2 wire diameter We offer safe, easy to use, durable calendar hanger...
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